Where has the time gone??

WOW!! It has been forever since I posted. Sorry!

Honestly, life just got in the way. There are soo many updates I can give, but I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I got married last September! It was honestly the best day of my life. It was beautiful, everything was perfect and I had the most amazing time celebrating with all my family and friends.

We went on our honeymoon, to Disney World in October. It was soo much fun! We are already planning our next visit J. We survived hurricane Matthew while we were there, which wasn’t that serious, but is a fun memory. We did everything and saw as much as we could. I can’t wait till we go back!!

My sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in October, the Friday after we got home from our honeymoon (perfect timing!!). It has been so amazing to watch her grow and to we both feel so blessed to be apart of her life! She is seriously the cutest!!

After our honeymoon, I finally was able to get a new insulin pump!! This was long overdue, considering my old pump was at least 9 years old and my doctor kept telling me how old it was. I also got a CGM (continuous glucose monitor). I went with the Medtronic 530G with the Enlite Sensor (http://professional.medtronicdiabetes.com/minimed-530-g). I LOVE it! It has really helped to show me when my highs and lows are, helps to better control my blood sugar and actually works (my old pump had some issuesJ). It really has been such an amazing change. It took some getting used to, mostly the extra site with the CGM and getting used to the different notifications it gives and what everything means.

Honestly, I stopped working out for a while. Way longer than I should have! I stopped running in like January. Had a pretty terrible couple of months after that, and then started to going to yoga in the neighborhood at the end of March. I LOVE IT there! It is a smaller studio and is right down the street from my house. So it is super easy to get to, and there is really no excuse for not going. All the instructors are all super friendly and welcoming. It has such a family atmosphere. Not to mention, they all give such a great work out! I always feel soo much better leaving then I do when I go in J

I have also starting running again. It has been terrible and the runs are nothing to brag about, but I am trying…

This summer has been super busy. I was able to go to MDA Camp a couple of weeks ago, which was amazing!! I went up north with my husband and our dog for a long weekend, at Mackinac Island. It was beautiful, and felt so relaxing! I have been able to see family. My brother came home in early June for a long weekend, which is always a fun time. I have been trying to see more of my camp friends and trying to enjoy the short Michigan summer as much as possible…all while trying to keep my blood sugar in check and get back to the working out groove.

Till next time…

Officially Mr. and Mrs.
The castle looked so pretty!
Disneymooning 🙂
The Beach at MDA Camp…my favorite place on the planet
MDA Camp 2017
On our way to Mackinac Island
Brady’s first swim in Lake Michigan
The beautiful coast of Lake Michigan, in Mackinaw City

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