Staying Motivated to Work Out During a “Snowapocalypse”

Whelp, SE Michigan got hit with some snow yesterday. Pretty disappointing since it was in the 60s on Saturday. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as they said it would be AND the weather is still kin d of decent, and the roads aren’t iced over.


It does make it a little harder to find the motivation to go for a run when the roads are yucky…just means I need to find the motivation to do a workout at home.

So the last couple of days, I have been doing just that. I have some free weights at home, but they are not very heavy (10 pounders), so I end up doing more body weight exercises. These usually include: burpees, squats (normal and squat, both with and without weight), walking lunges (with and without weights), wall sits, calf raises (on the steps), deadlifts, pushups and planks.  I do not do all of these exercises in one day/night.  I do like to switch it up some.  One day I’ll do squats and lunges and some planks…the next I’ll do arms and burpees.  The last couple weeks, I have followed up my runs with some burpees and a couple minutes’ worth of planks.  I also try to do pushups every day. I am not great at doing a pushup, and certainly don’t pretend to be. Every day the challenge is do more than I did the day before.  That is the goal for planks as well, to hold them longer and longer each day.

Like I have said before, after joining the FitBit Flex world, I have been trying to not come home and just sit on the couch after work.  So I have been making myself do these at home exercises, even though I’m exhausted or the weather is crappy for a run. Some days are better than others, but that is expected. On those days, I make sure I walk a little more around the house…even to just get a few extra steps in on my Fitbit.

One of the biggest challenges I have experienced lately is putting myself down because I’m not doing enough. I’m starting to experience guilt when I don’t work out one day, or I have a busy evening and am tired and don’t work out. I need to remind myself that everyone needs a rest day, and I need to listen to my body when it says it is tired and needs a break. These days I try to remember to not overload on food…these are all bad habits I’m working hard to break.

I am noticing some progress. I do not enjoy pop like I used to, and it takes me much longer to drink one than it used to. I also do not feel the need to eat sweets like I used to. I still have a sweet tooth, but am trying to not give in to it.  For a couple reasons, one my blood sugar does not like it (obviously). I also don’t like going through insulin that quickly. My body and teeth are feeling better and I’m trying to eat healthier. So when I have a craving for some sweets, I try to eat a piece of fruit or have one small piece of candy, vs eating a bag or a handful of something. Like I said, when I don’t work out, I feel guilty and feel like I’m missing a part of my day, just need to work on that guilt! My blood sugar is also doing better, and I do not need as much insulin as I was. I think the 2 biggest changes I’ve noticed are: 1. my last couple of runs, have been some of the best I’ve had. I’m going further without stopping, my breathing is better and my legs don’t hurt like they used to. 2. My pants/clothes are starting to fit better….finally!! It is so nice to not feel like I’m going to bust out of my pants or my shirts. it is such a great feeling to look in the mirror and see that my pants look a little big around my thighs, or my waist, instead of super-duper tight. For me, those are the two biggest motivators.

They aren’t big changes, and I’m sure I’m the only one who notices them. But it is something and it has definitely motivated me to do more and want to keep going, and as long as I notice…that’s all that matters right now! Especially since I’m doing this for me, and not everyone else.

What are some of the challenges you are facing while trying to reach your goals?? Have you noticed any changes yet?


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