Weekend Wrap Up

Oh my goodness, we had the most beautiful weather this weekend.  Temperatures were in the 50-60s.  Skies were blue and sunny. It was a perfect touch of Michigan spring in February. I tried to take as much advantage as I could!

Friday, I walked around outside during lunch, went for a long run after work. I just had to soak up as much sun as possible.  Saturday, I took Brady to the dog park, then for a nice long walk/run through Hines Park. He was so happy! We also played and cleaned up the front and back yards, and finally took some of the Christmas lights down on the front bushes (we are sooo late…I know! BUT they haven’t been on since NYE). It was nice to see so many people out and about, doing exactly what we were trying to do. Everyone was walking or running, with their families or dogs. It has seriously gotten me so excited for the weather here to turn. I didn’t realize how desperate I was for some warmth and sunshine. Again, we have had a gentle winter this year. And I am not complaining at all!! But you can’t beat the warmth that comes with the sun.  Can’t beat being able to walk outside without a coat on or go for a run with shorts. I will miss my favorite Old Navy running leggings… 😉

Sunday was a little cooler, but still a nice day. We had our (new) ritual of coffee and donuts and having a relaxing morning. We then went for a walk as a family, before Ry had to go into work (HATE his new work schedule, but what can you do…).  We had a nice lunch and prepped some meals for this week. We had the shades open and took advantage of all the natural light. We try to not keep the shades open when it’s chilly out, because it gets too cold. Brady and I went for another walk, later in the afternoon.

I feel so rejuvenated after such a nice weekend. Going into a new week with a clean house, some workouts done and getting some relaxation just seems to make life a little easier. Especially after seeing the forecast for this week…2-4 inches of snow!!:( 😦 I will definitely be taking advantage of the next two days, since it won’t be freezing and run outside.  Save my inside workouts for when the snow hits…

Only 31 days till spring!!!


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