Sick Days and Diabetes….

This past weekend I came down with a lovely cold.

(Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…the ultimate sick day movie)


I felt it coming Saturday, when I had a sinus headache and awful sore throat. I didn’t feel bad, until I tried to work out and realized how weak I felt. I decided to take it easy, and just did a couple body-weight exercises (planks, pushups, squats and lunges). Definitely took me longer than I wanted, because I was so tired. I also then took a nap and took some medicine for the headache.

I didn’t realize I was “sick” until I woke up on Sunday morning, feeling way worse. I had a full blown cold. Which then led to a day of laying around and watching tv/movies. It was actually very nice to be able to just relax and not worry about anything for the day. Not to mention, get caught up on sleep (I took 2 naps, and slept in!) Of course, because I have a problem sitting around and doing nothing for a full 24 hours, I felt the need to get up and move a little. Again, I took it easy and did a few arm exercises with our free weights. Needless to say, I should of stayed on the couch. The “workout” made me so tired!

Being sick and a diabetic definitely has it challenges. Between your blood sugar being off because of your body trying to fight whatever sickness you have, to not moving around much…it just all makes things a little harder. Not to mention, it takes longer for diabetics to heal…at least for me, I always feel like whatever I have is prolonged. AND we have to watch what kind of medicine we take, because there could be added sugars in some of them. For me, cold medicine is the worst. The gel tabs seem to make my blood sugar rise. I tend to run “higher” when I’m sick, between the meds and the laying around; my pump goes into over time.

I’m trying to stay some what active, with this cold, to help with my blood sugar and to not get too far off track. It is definitely going to take a more motivation, my bed is totally calling my name right now. Fingers crossed this cold runs its course very quickly!!

Happy Monday! 🙂



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