Better Late Than Never

An update on how my workouts have been going. The last couple weeks I have started my training for a half marathon. I have officially completed 2 full weeks of the training and am on my third. Over this past weekend, I ran one of my best “long runs”. I took Brady down Hines Park. It was a little chilly, but so gorgeous and sunny out. I also had one of my best “short runs” Monday night. It was a quick run, around the neighborhood. But it was the longest I have gone without stopping in a longgg time. Felt amazing!! Of course until my shin splints and ankle pain flared up after.  Not sure what is going on, but my ankle has been killing me lately. It is so inconsistent and I can’t pinpoint exactly what it could be. Sometimes it hurts to put weight on it. Other times, it is when I’m sitting at my desk at work. Or on certain runs, or after I run. It isn’t swollen or discolored or anything. I really am unsure what is going on. After my run Monday night, I foam rolled my legs and did some planks and burpees. Ry and I are also doing a 30 day plank challenge. I took last night off of running to help rest my ankle/shins, and just took a walk with Brady and Ry, and then did some strength exercises while watching TV (lunges, planks, squats and pushups).

A couple weeks ago, a friend gave me their old Fitbit Flex (they upgraded :)). I have wanted one for a long time and have been hoping/looking for a great sale. It has definitely kept me more accountable for what I do on a daily basis. It has also helped me realize how much I sit throughout a day. It is honestly so gross to me. I hate it, not to mention they say sitting is the “new smoking“.  Being that I have an office job, and sit a majority of my day, I knew I needed to do something. The Flex definitely helps to push me to go to the gym after work or run when I get home…or at least stay active and not sit myself on the couch and do nothing at the end of the day.  During lunch, I now go somewhere and just walk around. I park further from the entrance at work, and get up often and take the “longer way” to wherever I’m going. I also have realized just how terribly I sleep each night. I always knew I slept like crap most nights, but now I have back up 🙂.

I’m excited to keep up the work, and see the progress. I also want to now start taking a class of some sort, or find ways to stay active during the work week.


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