Wedding Wednesday

Man, I’ve been pretty bad at updating all of  you on our upcoming wedding.

This past weekend we officially asked our wedding party to be apart of our big day. We decided to have a BBQ and invited everyone over. It was a nice night for everyone to meet/hang out. The boys went outside to “labor” over the grill, and us girls stayed inside. Overall it was a great night. Everyone said yes, so that was a relief. Now that we have our closest family and friends by our side, we are getting anxious to get some of the planning and creating done…or at least I am :).

We officially have our date, venue, church, DJ, tux rentals ready, bridesmaids dresses and my dress. There is still a lot more to do, but I’m feeling good about how much we have done, how we have found deals and coupons and savings, how we have agreed on so much and how it is all coming together.

I think our next big items are getting engagement pictures done and creating/sending our save the dates. But that also means we have to get our guest list finalized and that is going to be pretty difficult because of the amount of people we would like to invite and the actual number of people we want there (the latter will be much lower than the first, hopefully).

As always, tips and advice are welcome!! 🙂 Happy Wednesday.

NeI think


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