Wedding Update

Phew, what a crazy week this has been. Work has literally had me feeling like I am losing my mind on a consistent basis. I have also began the wedding planning process, in more depth. We have been talking about things for the last few weeks. but now things are getting serious. We have picked out our church, venue and date. I am going dress shopping for the first time on Sunday with my good friend Lauren. We are heading to The Brides Project in Ann Arbor  for their open house event. It is a really cool shop, that takes donated wedding dresses, sells them and all sales go to help cancer victims in the ann arbor area (check them out here). So I’m getting very excited!
This week I decided to organize my wedding binder. Ryan went out and bought me a binder, dividers and colored pens (our wedding colors). I found some free printable lists and items off Pinterest. It was nice to get everything in order. I live by lists and organization. It is great to have everything in once place! I have added all the different brochures and such from the different vendors we have met with. Along with business cards, ideas, and lists I have already made. There are just so many different ideas and thoughts and ways to do things. I am on inspiration overload! I am forcing myself to take a break from the wedding section on Pinterest :).
I was on‘s blog earlier this week and saw that she did this post, an idea she got from someone else as well, called Wedding Wednesday. She showed a list of items that needed to be done and what her and her fiancé have done or what their ideas were. I thought I would so something like it. Here is my list so far:
  • Set a date(YAY!)
  • Book venue(YAY!)
    Book caterer and barIncluded with venue (YAY!)
  • Book church – (YAY!)
  • Book DJ – I have a friend from MDA Camp who is a DJ, so hopefully he will be able to do it for us *fingers crossed*
  • Book photographer – we found a deal through President Tuxedo, called The Perfect Wedding Package, that includes the photographer, videography, photo booth, and of course tuxedos
  • Book videographer – Above
  • Create wedding website – We have started one, but need to finish it and polish it before we make it public.
  • Ask bridal party to be in the wedding – We have something planned 🙂
  • Register
  • Book florist – I think I’m going to do my own flowers, so researching wholesalers
  • Buy wedding dress – Going to do a little looking on Sunday!! 😀
  • Order save the dates – We are planning on making these ourselves, and need to design them still
  • Finalize guest list – Definitely a work in progress

Plus so much more that I’m forgetting all about!

I’m so excited though, especially since we have the church, venue, and date!

Now pictures of our wedding binder:

Front Cover
Our Wedding Binder…need to make a better cover, but it is a start!
Our Timeline Checklist
Our Timeline Checklist
Tab Directory

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