Where has the time gone??

WOW!! It has been forever since I posted. Sorry!

Honestly, life just got in the way. There are soo many updates I can give, but I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I got married last September! It was honestly the best day of my life. It was beautiful, everything was perfect and I had the most amazing time celebrating with all my family and friends.

We went on our honeymoon, to Disney World in October. It was soo much fun! We are already planning our next visit J. We survived hurricane Matthew while we were there, which wasn’t that serious, but is a fun memory. We did everything and saw as much as we could. I can’t wait till we go back!!

My sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in October, the Friday after we got home from our honeymoon (perfect timing!!). It has been so amazing to watch her grow and to we both feel so blessed to be apart of her life! She is seriously the cutest!!

After our honeymoon, I finally was able to get a new insulin pump!! This was long overdue, considering my old pump was at least 9 years old and my doctor kept telling me how old it was. I also got a CGM (continuous glucose monitor). I went with the Medtronic 530G with the Enlite Sensor (http://professional.medtronicdiabetes.com/minimed-530-g). I LOVE it! It has really helped to show me when my highs and lows are, helps to better control my blood sugar and actually works (my old pump had some issuesJ). It really has been such an amazing change. It took some getting used to, mostly the extra site with the CGM and getting used to the different notifications it gives and what everything means.

Honestly, I stopped working out for a while. Way longer than I should have! I stopped running in like January. Had a pretty terrible couple of months after that, and then started to going to yoga in the neighborhood at the end of March. I LOVE IT there! It is a smaller studio and is right down the street from my house. So it is super easy to get to, and there is really no excuse for not going. All the instructors are all super friendly and welcoming. It has such a family atmosphere. Not to mention, they all give such a great work out! I always feel soo much better leaving then I do when I go in J

I have also starting running again. It has been terrible and the runs are nothing to brag about, but I am trying…

This summer has been super busy. I was able to go to MDA Camp a couple of weeks ago, which was amazing!! I went up north with my husband and our dog for a long weekend, at Mackinac Island. It was beautiful, and felt so relaxing! I have been able to see family. My brother came home in early June for a long weekend, which is always a fun time. I have been trying to see more of my camp friends and trying to enjoy the short Michigan summer as much as possible…all while trying to keep my blood sugar in check and get back to the working out groove.

Till next time…

Officially Mr. and Mrs.
The castle looked so pretty!
Disneymooning 🙂
The Beach at MDA Camp…my favorite place on the planet
MDA Camp 2017
On our way to Mackinac Island
Brady’s first swim in Lake Michigan
The beautiful coast of Lake Michigan, in Mackinaw City

Sale! Sale! Sale!

I have talked about my love for Old Navy’s work and workout pants before. Well if you’re interested in trying them out (which I highly recommended!!), now is the time to do it!  Old Navy is having a sale now through February 28th.  They will take 40% off your entire order in store, and 30% off your entire order online!

I can’t help but rave about their clothes. They are so cute, and very reasonably priced. Not to mention, their sales are incredible and I always feel like I’m getting a great deal!

I have about 4 pairs of their workout leggings, and love them! I just got these about a month ago, and have similar styles in different colors.  I wear them to run inside and outside all the time.

I can’t say enough about all of their workout clothes. Again, they are cute and stylish while being economically smart. They breathe, and help wick moisture. Over the fall, I bought a hoodie and zip up, and have worn both a lot this winter. They have helped to keep me warm on those cold, outside runs.

I also have a couple pairs of their pants that I wear regularly to work.  I have a couple pairs of The Pixie, and a pair of The Harper. I definitely need to stock up on more! (I went a size down for the Harper, they have a looser fit; while the Pixie Pant is tighter but my standard size fits just fine). Not only are these great for work, but they are fun and comfortable. Each pant comes in several different colors, so you can spice up your wardrobe while staying on budget! Win-win! And of course, you can’t beat the classic looks they offer.

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Staying Motivated to Work Out During a “Snowapocalypse”

Whelp, SE Michigan got hit with some snow yesterday. Pretty disappointing since it was in the 60s on Saturday. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as they said it would be AND the weather is still kin d of decent, and the roads aren’t iced over.


It does make it a little harder to find the motivation to go for a run when the roads are yucky…just means I need to find the motivation to do a workout at home.

So the last couple of days, I have been doing just that. I have some free weights at home, but they are not very heavy (10 pounders), so I end up doing more body weight exercises. These usually include: burpees, squats (normal and squat, both with and without weight), walking lunges (with and without weights), wall sits, calf raises (on the steps), deadlifts, pushups and planks.  I do not do all of these exercises in one day/night.  I do like to switch it up some.  One day I’ll do squats and lunges and some planks…the next I’ll do arms and burpees.  The last couple weeks, I have followed up my runs with some burpees and a couple minutes’ worth of planks.  I also try to do pushups every day. I am not great at doing a pushup, and certainly don’t pretend to be. Every day the challenge is do more than I did the day before.  That is the goal for planks as well, to hold them longer and longer each day.

Like I have said before, after joining the FitBit Flex world, I have been trying to not come home and just sit on the couch after work.  So I have been making myself do these at home exercises, even though I’m exhausted or the weather is crappy for a run. Some days are better than others, but that is expected. On those days, I make sure I walk a little more around the house…even to just get a few extra steps in on my Fitbit.

One of the biggest challenges I have experienced lately is putting myself down because I’m not doing enough. I’m starting to experience guilt when I don’t work out one day, or I have a busy evening and am tired and don’t work out. I need to remind myself that everyone needs a rest day, and I need to listen to my body when it says it is tired and needs a break. These days I try to remember to not overload on food…these are all bad habits I’m working hard to break.

I am noticing some progress. I do not enjoy pop like I used to, and it takes me much longer to drink one than it used to. I also do not feel the need to eat sweets like I used to. I still have a sweet tooth, but am trying to not give in to it.  For a couple reasons, one my blood sugar does not like it (obviously). I also don’t like going through insulin that quickly. My body and teeth are feeling better and I’m trying to eat healthier. So when I have a craving for some sweets, I try to eat a piece of fruit or have one small piece of candy, vs eating a bag or a handful of something. Like I said, when I don’t work out, I feel guilty and feel like I’m missing a part of my day, just need to work on that guilt! My blood sugar is also doing better, and I do not need as much insulin as I was. I think the 2 biggest changes I’ve noticed are: 1. my last couple of runs, have been some of the best I’ve had. I’m going further without stopping, my breathing is better and my legs don’t hurt like they used to. 2. My pants/clothes are starting to fit better….finally!! It is so nice to not feel like I’m going to bust out of my pants or my shirts. it is such a great feeling to look in the mirror and see that my pants look a little big around my thighs, or my waist, instead of super-duper tight. For me, those are the two biggest motivators.

They aren’t big changes, and I’m sure I’m the only one who notices them. But it is something and it has definitely motivated me to do more and want to keep going, and as long as I notice…that’s all that matters right now! Especially since I’m doing this for me, and not everyone else.

What are some of the challenges you are facing while trying to reach your goals?? Have you noticed any changes yet?

Weekend Wrap Up

Oh my goodness, we had the most beautiful weather this weekend.  Temperatures were in the 50-60s.  Skies were blue and sunny. It was a perfect touch of Michigan spring in February. I tried to take as much advantage as I could!

Friday, I walked around outside during lunch, went for a long run after work. I just had to soak up as much sun as possible.  Saturday, I took Brady to the dog park, then for a nice long walk/run through Hines Park. He was so happy! We also played and cleaned up the front and back yards, and finally took some of the Christmas lights down on the front bushes (we are sooo late…I know! BUT they haven’t been on since NYE). It was nice to see so many people out and about, doing exactly what we were trying to do. Everyone was walking or running, with their families or dogs. It has seriously gotten me so excited for the weather here to turn. I didn’t realize how desperate I was for some warmth and sunshine. Again, we have had a gentle winter this year. And I am not complaining at all!! But you can’t beat the warmth that comes with the sun.  Can’t beat being able to walk outside without a coat on or go for a run with shorts. I will miss my favorite Old Navy running leggings… 😉

Sunday was a little cooler, but still a nice day. We had our (new) ritual of coffee and donuts and having a relaxing morning. We then went for a walk as a family, before Ry had to go into work (HATE his new work schedule, but what can you do…).  We had a nice lunch and prepped some meals for this week. We had the shades open and took advantage of all the natural light. We try to not keep the shades open when it’s chilly out, because it gets too cold. Brady and I went for another walk, later in the afternoon.

I feel so rejuvenated after such a nice weekend. Going into a new week with a clean house, some workouts done and getting some relaxation just seems to make life a little easier. Especially after seeing the forecast for this week…2-4 inches of snow!!:( 😦 I will definitely be taking advantage of the next two days, since it won’t be freezing and run outside.  Save my inside workouts for when the snow hits…

Only 31 days till spring!!!

Wedding Wed…I mean Thursday

Here is a long over due Wedding Wednesday Thursday post.  I promise, next time this will be on the correct day… 😐

We took some time off over the holidays. It was nice to be able to focus on what was happening around us and not be stressing about the wedding. We are in somewhat of a lull.

Right now we are trying to touch base with our vendors and the church.

We have contacted my cousin, who is designing our invites. She also did our save the dates. Her work is beautiful. I can not promote her enough! We have seen proves and getting very excited by how everything is turning out.

There are still many small decisions that need to be finalized, not to mention little things that need to be bought/made! Like i have said before, we are doing a lot of DIY…so it is about crunch time. We definitely want to take advantage of sales and coupons (got to love a good Michael’s Coupon!).

We are still working on pricing things out and again finalizing more details.

Things seem to be going well and in the right direction. So far, so good!

Next up: registering!! 🙂

Let me know your registering advice/favorite items you registered for!

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Ahh it is already the middle of February!! As much as it completely bums me out how fast time seems to go…I cannot wait for spring to get here. I’m so over the dark evenings, the cold and lack of sunshine. Granted, we have been so incredibly lucky this winter. I have definitely ran outside in very few layers, a handful of times and it was beautiful. But I can’t help but get down when it is so gloomy when I leave for workin the monrings and when I get home in the evenings. I’m definitely one of those people who lives for the sunshine.

Spring and summer are my all time favorite seasons. It just makes me so happy, all the colors and everything coming back to life. It is hard to not be happy with it all. Not to mention, running outside without layers!!! My favorite :). I hate the treadmill…and I hate having to run inside.


My motivation always seems to go up when the weather changes. I want to be outside more and don’t have the same hibernation feelings I do in the winter. I really can’t wait to be able to get outside more with the dog, and walk and run in parks in the area. I ran in the park by our house last weekend, and it was super sunny out and semi warm (for February in Michigan). But it was still chilly and I still had to layer up. It was such a nice change of pace though from the gym, and got me (and Brady) excited for what is to come in the next couple of months.

This past weekend was super cold, I barely went outside. But this upcoming week we are to reach the 50s, and then hopefully things just keep going up from there! Daylight Savings is March 13th…that’s less than a month away!! Something to look forward to 🙂

Sick Days and Diabetes….

This past weekend I came down with a lovely cold.

(Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…the ultimate sick day movie)


I felt it coming Saturday, when I had a sinus headache and awful sore throat. I didn’t feel bad, until I tried to work out and realized how weak I felt. I decided to take it easy, and just did a couple body-weight exercises (planks, pushups, squats and lunges). Definitely took me longer than I wanted, because I was so tired. I also then took a nap and took some medicine for the headache.

I didn’t realize I was “sick” until I woke up on Sunday morning, feeling way worse. I had a full blown cold. Which then led to a day of laying around and watching tv/movies. It was actually very nice to be able to just relax and not worry about anything for the day. Not to mention, get caught up on sleep (I took 2 naps, and slept in!) Of course, because I have a problem sitting around and doing nothing for a full 24 hours, I felt the need to get up and move a little. Again, I took it easy and did a few arm exercises with our free weights. Needless to say, I should of stayed on the couch. The “workout” made me so tired!

Being sick and a diabetic definitely has it challenges. Between your blood sugar being off because of your body trying to fight whatever sickness you have, to not moving around much…it just all makes things a little harder. Not to mention, it takes longer for diabetics to heal…at least for me, I always feel like whatever I have is prolonged. AND we have to watch what kind of medicine we take, because there could be added sugars in some of them. For me, cold medicine is the worst. The gel tabs seem to make my blood sugar rise. I tend to run “higher” when I’m sick, between the meds and the laying around; my pump goes into over time.

I’m trying to stay some what active, with this cold, to help with my blood sugar and to not get too far off track. It is definitely going to take a more motivation, my bed is totally calling my name right now. Fingers crossed this cold runs its course very quickly!!

Happy Monday! 🙂